Over 350 out of 6,000+ Australian vintage maps, meticulously placed, with more maps placed each week.

If a map doesn't appear for the area you're looking for, it likely hasn't been placed yet - search for the street name or suburb in the website search bar instead.

Please email me at support@vintagemaps.com.au with your questions or feedback.



  1. Drag & Zoom to point the circle to the area you're interested in. The vintage maps in the right-side list should automatically update.
  2. Scroll Up & Down on the list of maps, as there may be lots of maps available to view.
  3. Click Activate on the map you want to see overlayed. The vintage map should appear. Some maps might take a few seconds to appear.
  4. Click Opacity and use the Sliding Bar on the left-side to see behind the map.
  5. Click More Details to open more information about the map.